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Tips to Keep Kitchen Equipment Clean and Durable

Cooking is a thing often done by a housewife.However, amount of kitchen equipment sometimes has to demand extra attention to keep it clean and durable. Well, some of the following tips you can try at home :


1. Pan

Sometimes we find a crusty or burnt pan. Don't be panic, Prepare baking soda and water, then mix the two ingredients into one. Let stand for a few minutes, then you can immediately wash it clean.


2. Teflon

Frequently, we immediately soak or flush water the pan or teflon after using it. Well do not do this. Because it can create a non-sticky coating called polytetrafluoroethylene on teflon can be damaged and make the anti-stickiness function lost and endanger health if peeled off. Let stand Teflon until cool, then wash thoroughly. Use a soft sponge and soapy water to clean it. If it is clean, wipe the pan and keep it in a hanging place.


3. Blender and Mixer

If you already use a mixer or blender like a glass or a container and other parts, then you can immediately wash it clean. As for the blender or mixer you just wipe with a wet tissue or wet cloth to clean. Then, dry with a dry cloth.


4. Gas Stove 

After cooking, then you should immediately clean the stove, especially for the remaining oil attached. Clean the stove surface with a special stove cleaning fluid or you can use a dishwashing soap to clean the stain. Next, wipe dry so that the remnants of water on the surface of the stove does not become a crust.


5. Cutting Board

After the cutting board is used, immediately flush with water and soap. Because according to a study, soap can minimize bacteria. You can also clean the cutting board by applying lime to remove the remaining fat sticking. Place the cutting board in a dry, light place to avoid fungus.