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  • Get The Chance to Win Golds
    8 August 2018

    Get the chance to Win Dozens of PURE GOLD 24 Karats (50gr, 10gr, 5g...

  • Putri Salju
    11 July 2018

    Ingredients :

    - 200 gr low protein flour

    - 50 gr co...

  • Javanese Chicken in Coconut Milk
    9 June 2018


    1 chicken, cut into 16 parts

    4 lime le...

  • Milo Ice Ball
    5 May 2018

    Ingredients :

    10 tsp Milo Powder

    1/2 can of sweeten...

  • Ice Lemon Tea
    13 April 2018

    Ingredients :

    1 Tea Bag

    1 tbsp sugar

    2 lemo...

  • Banana Nugget
    19 March 2018


    - 5 Banana

    - 100 gram flour

    - 1...

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Who says preparing fresh and healthy food for the family is a hassle? You can cook it practically and quickly if you have compiled a menu beforehand and stored food for some time to come. In order to keep the food ingredients fresh so that the nutrients and quality are maintained and still in fresh Fresh condition, you should consider how to store them too.


Storage containers are needed that are able to maintain food freshness longer, protect from contamination and certainly containers that are resistant to hot and cold temperatures, making it more efficient if at any time want to heat food directly from the refrigerator to the microwave without having to change containers. An airtight container with food grade material can be a solution for you to store food for a long time and be more hygienic. But airtight is not enough, because there is still air stored in the container when we put food in. For that, choose a container with AIRTIGHT VACUUM technology, which is an airtight container that can remove air from inside when the container is closed so as to minimize bacteria and keep food fresh.


WHY MUST USE Vaganza Vacuum Food Container? Vaganza Vacuum Food Container is designed with AIRTIGHT VACUUM technology to keep food hygienic and fresh even if stored for a long time. This Food Container is also made of food grade material and is heat resistant to 120 degrees Celsius, safe to enter in the freezer and of course easy to clean and does not cause odor. Vaganza Vacuum Food Container consists of 4 practical sizes that can be stored anywhere, making your kitchen or refrigerator look neat.


The most special thing about this product is that there is a free product warranty and replacement if there is any meaningful damage if the product is damaged or defective in normal non-commercial use (according to its function), it can be claimed to get a free replacement. Get special offers at more competitive prices specifically for Vaganza Entrepreneurs.