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Truly Inspiring

Our brands are present to bring Indonesian family happiness, the household appliances that are designed modern simple, be a friend of the mother activity with family

Our brand is a manifestation of the value that we profess.

Our brands are also embedded in the corporate culture and is reflected in the way we relate to our employees, partners and customers wherever we are. This is why we are able to bring happiness in the lives of families in Indonesia.


V: Vigor, Have the strength to keep active in mind and body.
A: Atitude, Behave based on thoughts, feelings and actions are positive.

G: Genius , Always intelligent and skilled in creativity and innovation.

A: Active, positive and able to provide quality initiatives in action towards the better.
N: Nice, fun and exciting Able.
Z: Zeal , Always enthusiastic in realizing a great desire.
A: Achiever, Striving hard to achieve success.